The bulletin stated that the men were Middle Eastern

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Hermes Belt Replica The outlet Hermes Replica Handbags Hermes Replica Handbags, Vancity Buzz, posted an article saying police were looking to speak with the men who were spotted taking photos of Vancouver’s Pacific Centre’s entrances and exits.The bulletin stated that the men were Middle Eastern, which the media outlet included in its story. Other media outlets also ran the storyBut at a news conference Friday, Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer said that information was never meant to be made public.»All three men were co operative with investigators and they had a very logical explanation regarding their behaviour,» the statement said. «The investigation has conclusively determined that their actions were completely innocent.»Sharaz said police came by to meet with the men late in the afternoon and took them to the Vancouver police station through the back door.»Obviously they didn’t feel threatened by us or anything,» said Sharaz Hermes Belt Replica.

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